Scandinavian Regulatory Services

In- and Out licensing
Together with our sister companies, Mimer Medical, and Scandinavian Development Services (SDS) we have the skills and knowledge of the market, not only to find partner companies, but also to provide full technical assessments of product dossiers for suitability for registration and marketing.

We can locate products for in-licensing, according to your exactly specified requirements. Contacts will be developed anonymously with each potential licensing partner until the point of time when you are ready to reveal your identity. Formal introductions are then established to allow entering into detailed negotiations and financial arrangements. Frequently we already know of suitable opportunities, so we will be happy to check your requirements against our database.

We will identify potential licensees for clients' own products. Potential licensees are sought by various methods including advertising, preserving the client's anonymity, and direct approaches to companies known to have an interest in the area concerned. Leads are followed up until the client is ready to reveal its identity and provide confidential information on the product. After formal introductions, the negotiation process can then be commenced by the client.

Due Diligence
If you plan to acquire a dossier for submission within EU or a development project, we offer to evaluate the dossier/data before procurement. Due diligence has been performed by SRS/SDS for pharmaceutical companies, investors and banks.